Here are some samples of my poetry


I have published poetry in literary magazines such as Tailwind and Kolob Canyon Review. "Buying Baseball Cards" was displayed at the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Library in 1992.

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"Buying Baseball Cards"

Me and Pat walked to Marv's Liquors
jeans ripped from sliding into second
until our shins bled
Marv watched us like a cleanup hitter
follows the spin of a curve
Ten packs for a sweat-soaked buck
We never picked the ones on top
everybody knows good cards
hide on the bottom
Didn't want no doubles or belly itchers
liked A's most of all
doubles was ok if they was
Reggie, Rollie, Blue Moon
I had four Dave Duncans
till I traded one to Pat for six Giants
cause he thought he looked like him

Stood by the Black Velvet girl
under the Two Minors at a Time sign
carefully peeled waxy wrappers
Maybe Catfish Hunter's green cap shone
in the Budweiser glow
like the gold ticket Charlie found
in the Willy Wonka chocolate bar
Pat got Joe Rudi
'Oh man, I'll trade you'
'No way Jose unless you give me a whole pack'
I pouted
said 'You're lucky'
didn't trade

Cheeks stuffed with bubble gum
to look like major leaguers
only difference between gum and cards
is the gum doesn't have a picture
Cards split in four stacks
twenty five cards in a pocket
makes walking hard
if you don't want wrinkles or bent cards
We stopped to read the backs:
'Joe Pepitone is in the hair-styling business'

Me and Pat in my room
surrounded by posters and pennants
tried to swap three lousy players
for two good ones
argued like real general managers
Play by play voice faster than Lou Brock
Men faking flu cheered from the bleachers
Our world a big baseball
laced with little boys

--Scott Rhoades

"Blink with Me"

That which in the lightning flashes
forth, makes one blink, and say 'Ah!'
--That 'Ah!' refers to divinity.

Chandogya Upanishad

Lightning in my eye, thunder in my ear
rain on my face and shoulder, cold in
my breath, the moon shining through
a cloudy shroud

Asp on the ground, leap of grasshoppers
hawk in flight, squirrels in
trees, fallen leaf resting near
my feet

Height of a redwood, crash of a wave
roar of an earthquake, the number of
stars, rocks rolling at the head
of a landslide

Ancient walls, cathedral towers
stained glass windows, the speed of
a fastball, a mile run in less than
four minutes

Swollen belly, stare of a baby
dance of a child, the struggle for
life, nodding of age,
and you.


--Scott Rhoades


Take one of those wedges
you might put in your Diet Coke.
Suck gently. Kiss the juice
from the pulp. Let it run
down your chin if it wants to;
we'll take care of that later.

Now, hold the remaining peel,
rub it softly behind your ear,
down the line of your jaw.
The smooth roughness, almost
like a tongue, but cool, leaves
its crisp oil behind.
Lemon is the best perfume;
you'll smell good all day.

Imagine it's me doing this.
Feel me beside you, behind you--
around you.

--Scott Rhoades