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The Writer Magazine, May 2009

This portfolio provides some samples of my experience as a writer.
I have published a wide variety of items, including:

  • Magazine articles
  • Technical documents
  • Writing Tips
  • Video game manuals
  • Music reviews
  • Web articles


My work has been featured in the following publications, among others:

  • Kolob Canyon Review
  • Mustang IRS website
  • Our Generations: Father & Son Record Reviews blog
  • Southern Quill
  • Spaceports & Spidersilk
  • Tailwind
  • The Writer Magazine
  • Utah Children's Writers blog
  • Vision: A Resource for Writers

Our Generations: Father & Son Record Reviews

"Our Generations: Father & Son Record Reviews" is a blog where my son (a gigging musician) and I review classic albums. It's fun to see how two generations view the same music. Sometimes we both enjoy an album. Other times, there can be a real generation gap.

Album Reviews (Blog)

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! (Spaceports & Spidersilk, October 2016)

When a meteor hits at R.J. Harryhausen Jr High, space bugs turn the basketball team into brain-eating zombies just before their biggest game of the year.

Short Story: Aaaaaaaaaa!!! (Download magazine for $1.00)

If Fingers Fing, Do Trousers Trouse? (

The words trousers and fingers have little in common, other than that they both end with the suffix –er. For our question to be answered--in fact, for it to even make sense--trousers and fingers must each derive from verbs. The question is, do they?

Word Histories (Weblink)

Great Software That Won't Cost You A Dime (The Writer, May 2009)

Whether you're a seasoned techie or a reluctant newbie, you can use your computer to manage your writing projects like a pro, from inception to submission. Free professional grade software can help you capture the first flash in your mind, plan your work, writie it, share draftes with your writing group, and submit your beautifully crafted prose so the rest of us can enjoy it.

Free Writing Software (PDF)

The History of Sunscreen (

Limiting exposure and covering the skin protects the body from sunburn. Modern chemists have developed two basic types of sun protection formula, sunscreen and sunblock. Sunscreen is a chemical solution, classified by the Food and Drug Administration as a drug, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation before it can harm the skin.

History of Sunscreen (Weblink)

Video Game Manuals

The following are a few of the video game manuals I wrote early in my career.

Atari 7800 Basketbrawl (Weblink)

Atari Lynx Shanghai (Weblink)

Atari Lynx Rampage (Weblink)

Atari Lynx Paperboy (Weblink)