13 Ways to Win in Pitch Wars, and Three Ways to Lose

As a 4-time participant, I’ve learned there are many ways to be a winner in the Pitch Wars writing contest. Here are a few:

  1. If you are chosen by a mentor, get an agent, and get published, you’ve won Pitch Wars.
  2. If you’re chosen, get an agent, and don’t find a publisher, you’ve won.
  3. If you’re chosen but don’t get an agent, you’ve won.
  4. If you’re not chosen, but get feedback, even if only a little, you’ve won.
  5. If you don’t get any requests, but improved your manuscript to enter it, you’ve won.
  6. If you don’t get requests, but think about ways to improve your MS while you wait, you’ve won.
  7. If you find new CPs or expand your circle of writers, you’ve won.
  8. If you got feedback in the forums, you’ve won.
  9. If you learned something in the feeds, you’ve won.
  10. If you had fun, you’ve won.
  11. If you gained experience in the query process, you’ve won.
  12. If you wrote your first query letter, you’ve won.
  13. If you entered, you’ve won.

There are so many ways to win, way more than I’ve listed here. What winning means to you depends on your personal goals and where you are in the writing process.

I only know of three ways to lose:

  1. If you don’t participate, you can’t win.
  2. If you let Pitch Wars discourage you and you quit, you lose.
  3. If you look for the negatives and let yourself be bitter or angry because you’re not picked, you lose.

Stay positive. You have not failed or been rejected if you’re not chosen.

It’s OK to feel elation or disappointment or whatever else you feel. Even if you feel a wave of anger, that’s OK, but I’d highly suggest venting somewhere other than the Pitch Wars feeds, because you don’t know who’s watching.

This business is tough and it’s a rough ride emotionally. Pitch Wars is everything in the business in a compressed time frame. If all you get out of the contest is experience dealing with those emotions, then you’ve won.

So, 14 ways.

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